1.    Let other people dictate what they eat.        

The high calorie, processed foods are everywhere! It takes focus to clean up ones’ diet and fit people are particular about what they eat. I can assure you no one would ever hand me a sugar loaded soda to drink. It’s been several years since I drank sodas regularly, and corn syrup is one of the worst things you can consume.  You teach people how to treat you and what to feed you. Communication is the key. Of course there are times when you have to be polite and eat something off the healthy menu. This is no big deal. You eat between 21-48 meals per week, so that slice of pie your friend made will not wreck your healthy eating plan.


1.    Eat at Fast Food Restaurants 

Fast food comes in last when the nutrition is evaluated for the average meal. The calories, carbohydrates, fats and sodium are high. Vitamins and minerals are nearly nonexistent in these meals. Gas station food falls within the realm of fast food! Just because it tastes good, doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

2.    Skip workouts

If you’ve been out of the fitness realm for months (or years), start with 10 minutes a day. The fittest people move their muscles at least 2-3x per week by doing some form of strength training. Body weight exercises, dumbells, machines, and workouts that incorporate strength training are critical to building a strong, lean physique. Fit people schedule workouts and don’t cancel. I love the quote “Bosses don’t cancel”. At least the successful ones don’t.

If you can’t seem to make yourself schedule workouts, get some help. Fit people hire personal trainers AND fitness coaches, AND nutrition coaches. They have a strategy for their workouts. They believe in investing in themselves. The exponential payoff speaks for itself. If you can’t make yourself workout, hire a trainer. You’ll be glad you did.

3.    Get Dehydrated

Fitness fanatics carry their own water…..everywhere! They don’t drink tapwater. Just watch a few Youtube videos, www.youtube.com about water quality and you’ll get choosy about your water. Get a big bottle so you can easily keep track of your intake.

4.    Guess at what they ate for the day

The Food Log (paper or digital) is a great way to get the needle to move with your success quickly. Every year Yahoo announces what the people who lost weight did and kept it off …guess what? It’s always the people who kept a FOOD LOG. You can use the APP for www.myfitnesspal , or look up foods at www.calorieking.com. Both are free sites. If you resist this and are terrible at tracking, even keeping a few notes in your phone or on a post-it can be a good place to start.

5.    Eat grains and sugar daily

Sure, fitness nuts eat a few things off the plan. However, They don’t eat processed foods that spike insulin daily. They may not even eat processed foods weekly. They eat mostly real food that does not come from a box or a bag. They avoid white bread like the plague!

6.      Bringing Home Trigger Foods

The super health conscious person who knows they have a weakness for doughnuts stops brining home a dozen on Sundays. Go figure, ….it seems the whole box of Sunday doughnuts magically disappears by Tuesday morning!  If you had one doughnut out, that would be a whole lot better than buying and eating the whole box. Start by cutting back on the amount of processed food that goes in your grocery cart. Think about setting some reasonable parameters and write them down.

7.     Neglect to Read Labels 

Fit people leave no label unread. It’s critical to your health and fitness that you know what is in your food. Sure it tastes good, that doesn’t mean it’s good for you. “Natural Flavors”, means there’s nothing natural about them. If there are ingredients you can’t understand, they’re often toxic.

8.     Avoid the Scale

Avoiding the scale for weeks or months is a bad idea. It’s just a measure. Get less emotional about it and use it as a tracking tool. The more you understand what you are eating and the correlation between what the scale does, the better your program will go. Expect some fluctuations, track progress and gain insight. The leanest people weigh daily. If you really are hung up about getting on the scale, start by taking a waist measurement. Losing inches in your waistline means body fat is decreasing.

9.    Keep the Bigger Sizes 

Fit people who lost weight and know they will not go back to overeating carbohydrates are confident they have changed their habits permanently. The give away the bigger sized clothes. They are committed to eating clean and working out for life. They rewire their thinking consciously and subconsciously for success. They do not fear regaining body fat.

10. Add your Tip for # 10. 

Let’s turn this around and summarize what fit people DO; The fittest people take control of their meals and schedule their workouts. They eat high quality, nutritious food. They understand and read labels. The healthy people stabilize their blood sugar levels by eating balanced meals. They move their muscles and do cardio weekly. Most of them track progress by keeping a food log, and measure their weight and body fat percentage. They drink lots of water, take supplements, workout consistently and ENJOY life. Best of all, they are confident they will continue to make progress and keep up their results. Who are they? They are the people who are educated about fitness. It’s really that simple. They continue to get educated and take actions that become their way of life.

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Cathryn Marshall, MSW
Fitness Coach, Author, Speaker