Welcome!  Welcome to my journey.  My, Getting Your Groove on in Life + Business, Journey to Balance.

Along this path, you are going to learn a lot about me and possibly about yourself.  Remember, we all have a story to tell and this is mine.  Let’s press pause for a moment.  I know, I was just getting started but I think it’s a good time to give you the Cliffnotes on the first 53 years of my life.

I was born with food allergies (all types of nuts, melons, poultry), and 4-season allergies.  I also suffer with Asthma. This condition has carried over into my adulthood along with those ugly 4-season allergies.  Some of the food allergies have changed up a bit. Then about 6 years ago, my neck was surgical fused at C4, C5&C6 with a genetic fused C2 & C3.  I would say I was on the thin to healthy side of the scale without any significant weight issues and for the most part physically active until I turned 45.

OK, we can press start now and keep this chat moving along.  Today I am, a 54 year old women close to 70lbs overweight, diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s and Fibromyalgia. Also, my neck pain issues have resurfaced.  You know the saying “Mind, Body, Spirit”?  Well, my mind and spirit are at 100%, it’s the body I need to get back into balance. The need for balance has been on my mind for some time now, with little successes along the way.

Thankfully about 2 years ago with the help of my neighbor, I found yoga. My neighbor, Terry, invited me to attend a weekly, 90 minute, Vinyasa Flo class taught at the local University by the extraordinary Valarie. I was hooked!  Attending 2 full semester of classes, then the yoga classes were cancelled.  I would try and take a class or two elsewhere, but got out of my groove.  Probably should add, about 4 years ago, I moved to a small, rural town.  It’s about an hour plus in each direction to any major city.  Access to certain programs are VERY limited.

Then came along, Sonia Shultis and Murphy House Yoga.  It’s a small out of her home Yoga School located right in the center of town.  Now fast forward a few months.  Sonia has opened up a bigger studio (Tribe Yoga) and I take classes 3 mornings a week with her and the incredible Victoria Tarbell.  For those interested in what styles I am practicing, here they are – Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and then a private class which varies week-to-week (from Yin to Restorative Yoga), depending on how my body feels.

Recently, through What Women Want, I met Fitness Educator and Author, Cathryn Marshall (or as she calls herself “@simplycathryn”).  She created the program and authored the book, Simply Fat Burn.    After reading this fun, simple, to the point book I have since purchased her resource journal.  With countless healthy how to books on my shelves, you may be asking why this book?  Why this system?  Why Cathryn?  It’s her spirit, her passion and commitment to make a difference in peoples by embracing and supporting your ups and downs.

My goal is to bring back physical, healthy balanced and be pain free through a healthy diet and yoga.

Watch for my next “Steadily Finding Balanced with Simple Fat Burn” blog covering the topics:    Putting together a virtual support group consisting of family and friends; organizing a weekly meal plan, Shopping List and pre-prepared meals when not everyone in your house is on the same program.


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