Hi Friends, 

It’s time to share some big changes…

Just. like. that. it happened. I hit my ceiling of being booked solid with personal training. 

Then the coaching programs, speaking events and networking grew and I had to stop personal training

4 locations and 21 years of doing what I know best. Many of you have known me through all of this and oh. my. goodness. What a ride it’s been! 

How do you let go when you have LOVED every bit of it?

Have you ever had sleepless nights? Wondering at 2AM if the clients will be OK? 

I sure did. 

Last week I trained my last session with Joe Harrison, my client of 20 years. 

I really did not want to stop training. It’s been the best part of my life in so many ways. 

I had more than a few tears and “up at 2AM mental battles with myself”, but here’s the good news…we’re all going to be OK

Some of the clients are coaching, some are coaching and training at TNT, and some are moving on. I’m still supporting my clients, and keeping the most important thing, the relationships. 

I’ll continue to work with George Turmon, my trainer, mentor and friend of 14 years. TNT is still my “home away from home”. I’ll be promoting, marketing and supporting George and TNT Fitness Studio. 

Our new trainer, Brandy Harris is doing a spectacular job training clients. We’re fortunate to have her on our team. 

Here’s the BIG WIN: 

I’m able to share Simple Fat Burn across the country, AND give 100% to my What Women Want networking chapters. 

Simple Fat Burn has expanded to join Dr. Grace at Duluth Multicare. We’re excited to see what healthy gifts the new year will bring. 

A million thanks and much love to all… Merry Christmas & Happy 2019! XO

P.S. SAVE THE DATE Saturday, March 2nd, 10-4. Simple Fat Burn LIVE, a One Day Health Event is happening. Details coming soon… 🙂