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I’m Cathryn. I’ve always had a passion for helping people change for the better. I struggled with my own eating habits from the time I was a teenager. I’ve been overweight, deconditioned and out of shape. I couldn’t run 5 minutes or do a push-up. That was twenty years ago. I’ve come to believe that you teach what you need to know, and that’s my what fuels my purpose on this planet.

I hired my first personal trainer, J.D., and lost 34lbs in 90 days. I’m 4’ll”, so that was a lot of fat on a small person! At the time I was a new mother and working full time. My stress levels were maxed out. Even after getting in shape, I struggled with overeating sugar and processed foods. There’s still not a day I don’t think about a cupcake! I’ve kept studying food, exercise, mental strategy and pretty much everything under the sun that will help people get fit and healthy.

After a year of training with JD, I got certified and became a personal trainer. I have trained hundreds of clients for success. That success has developed in to an educational system that teaches people to become healthy and fit quickly. I teach people to burn fat by balancing their blood sugar with every meal. No more yo-yo dieting. You can have a cupcake, just not the whole box!

About 10 years in to my personal training career some of the members at the gym I was working at kept asking me to help a retired member named Tom. He never trained with me as a client. Tom was an engineer who was willing to track his nutrition and he did exactly what I prescribed. We had two conversations, several messages and e-mails and he lost 45lbs! I knew I had to write a book and educate people on what it really takes to get fit.

I love people and see them as wonderful human beings in any condition. My heart breaks when they are struggling with being overweight. Before my fitness career I was a counselor who specialized in healing depression. In many ways, I have cracked the code on what it takes to balance blood sugar, burn fat, feel good and have energy. It’s really simple. It’s math, biology and chemistry paired with what you eat, what you do, and what you THINK. I have a saying, “Better is better.” We all have to start somewhere. Progress and productivity always make one feel good.

Thank you for checking out my website! To learn more about my background, my LinkedIn page is my online resume.

I’m also a social media enthusiast and I’d love to connect with you on FacebookTwitter and Instagram are other places you’ll find me regularly.

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