he thing that’s great about Cathryn Marshall and “Simple Fat Burn” is not simply how effective she and her programs are in helping you lose weight. While you will definitely lose weight if you follow her recommendations, the benefits do not end there.

Cathryn is my trainer & mentor. I got connected with Cathryn from another trainer I met shortly after I got my NASM certification. He knew I was new to the fitness industry, so he connected us. Cathryn took the time to chat with me, and she answered tons of questions I had about becoming a personal trainer. Shortly after, I started training with Cathryn gaining HANDS ON experience in training, marketing & general business practices. From finding my location, getting insured, creating policies & everything in-between, Cathryn truly helped me launch my career. I am light years ahead of where I would have been. If you are looking to enter into the fitness industry, I STRONGLY suggest meeting with Cathryn! She has a sincere desire to help others in every way! 

  • Jessica Bowman, Fitness Trainer at Move Fitness, Atlanta, GA

‪In a word Cathryn is filled with passion for helping people get fit. She is brimming with enthuiasm and walks the talk. She is knowledgable, professional and sincere. I would call her calling to help people get fit extraordinary!  

  • Kelli Calabrese, MS.  Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Divine Health Specialist

‪Cathryn’s passion for fitness and helping others explodes out of her glowing personality. She is the absolute best personal trainer in the greater Atlanta area, especially in Dunwoody & Duluth. She also offers speaking and wellness workshops, which just further credits her personal ambition of sharing her need to improve other’s lives. She is a mentor for aspiring personal trainers, in providing business coaching sessions to help trainers build their clientele base. I benefit from knowing her and can only hope to try to be as good a trainer as Cathryn. She is truly the top, #1 fitness professional that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! GoTarryn strongly recommends you to “Go-Cathryn”!

  • Tarryn Hoff.  The Traveling Trainer

“After struggling with weight issues my entire adult life, health complications and my doctor deemed that the weight must come off and must stay off.  Like many other people, I had “tried it all.” I felt defeated and didn’t know where to turn.  Enter Cathryn Marshall.  She is charming, honest, knowledgeable, inspiring, and positive – and she has actually lived the life of someone who needs to lose weight.  She knew where I was coming from!  I had no idea how my life would change and how much I would learn once we began our work. Her book is short, to the point, and easy to follow.  Her encouragement is sincere.  Her workouts are challenging and gave me visible results weekly.  Her food plan is easy to follow and satisfying.  Simply said, her plan works.  I lost 34 pounds in 7 months.  I am fit and lean, I sleep better, my mind is sharper, and my health issues are significantly diminished.  Thank you Cathryn!”

  • Cathy Dickerson. Educator.

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