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Most people can lose weight but keeping it off is where they fail again and again.


Yo-yo dieting. Serial dieting. I did it for years. Struggling with that same 10lbs.

Getting stuck at your highest. weight. ever.

Or losing 30 lbs! ... Only to gain it all back... AGAIN!

You might not want to see your friends who were so happy when you lost the weight.

You hide when your friends want to take a group picture.

Your wardrobe is all black.

Maybe you've tried hundreds of diets and nothing has worked long term. You can't ever stick to it. You get stuck and no matter what you do, the weight is not coming down. 

This video guide will explain exactly what the issues are that are keeping you stuck. I want to help you burn fat and become the most confident you!


"... I am amazed!"

Here’s a little visual update to show just how well SFB works! I’ve been doing the SFB program since January 2018. In July 2017, I had headshot photos taken at work and 2 years later, I asked for an update. Last month, we went to the same location and I wore the same dress (which I loved and had altered by a seamstress). I am amazed at the difference and so happy I found a plan that works for me!
Laura Manger

"...down 14 inches!"

Hi friends. I don’t post often. But something happened this week I wanted to share. I have ups and downs in my weight. The picture on my wedding day was 2016 I was over 200lbs sad, mad and frustrated. I could not lose the weight! I told no one how big I was. I wore a size 20 dress. The picture on the right is from June. I just ran my second Spartan race. It’s been a long journey but I’m down 14 inches on my waist. And I’m now under 180lbs. I can even get into a size 8 on good days =}. I’m committed to a healthy long life. Love each of you! Thank you Cathryn for always cheering me on.
Bernadette Pannier

"...saved my life!"

"Simple Fat Burn saved my life! Not only have I lost weight, but I am so much more knowledgeable thanks to Cathryn's guidance. Cathryn will help you reach your goals by providing constant support, motivation, and, when necessary, tough love. I recommend Cathryn to anyone who has ever struggled with eating right. She makes it so simple to understand and will help you through it 100% of the way. Thanks to Cathryn, I am more confident and excited about what is to come than I have been in a very long time. Its' not easy, but it is simple."

Carly Grennor

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